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Traveling around the world does bring flavor to life, essentially because we trend paths that we had never before, taking pictures to reminisce over when summer comes; we all love meeting new faces and tasting out mouth-watering cuisines, it is a wholesome experience. It is even a truer courage and more fantastic when we meet new faces, and gather knowledge; and because knowledge is power, it is the ultimate tool to change the world. Kenya stands to show the world that the resources therein need to be maximally exploited, through research, expeditions, exchange programs and benchmarking between and among different professionals.
Overseas University Students on a Trip to Kenya
Student tourism at Inclusive Holidays Africa is on a whole new level, because other than breaking the monotony of long hours in school and common place fatigue, we make sure that we open your eyes to new adventures that instill lessons to remember many years to come. Imagine having that lifetime opportunity to hit the road to the Great Rift Valley itineraries, sampling different flora and fauna on the great escarpment, and with an erudite tour-guide-cum-lecturer on board. Well, it is both adventurous and informative, and later unwinding down the valley pitching tent; the distant shine engulfed in the sunset. It is beautiful!

Elsamere Naivasha
As a destination, Kenya has the necessary resources for  student tourism with much zeal and zest, basically because it not only markets our beautiful destinations but also brings the much needed revenue to drive the economy.

West Pokot
There is still much potential that has not yet been maximally exploited in Kenya, including and not limited to the many natural resources therein; the recent discovery of oil in the restive North and niobium in Kwale County is a great avenue for students majoring in mining and geology to further their careers by exploring these fields by physical reconnaissance visits to these sites. Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean or frolicking in the sweltering sand in Watamu are no longer the only tourist attractions in Coastal Kenya, because marine biology and hydrology are best learnt in these deep waters.
Research Centre
The Kenyan government is one of the leading in Africa to implement a master plan in addressing neglected tropical diseases like bilharzias, trachoma, kalaazar, elephantiasis  and intestinal worms that continue to impede negatively on public health. Tourist student doctors and others related with health sciences need to come under a study or research umbrella to learn and improve on the current solutions to combat these diseases. This will not only bring the much needed solutions but also create employment opportunities to lecturers and other researchers working closely in these projects. These include research analysts from departments like the Centre for Global Health Research, Centre for Clinical Research, Centre for Geographic Medical Research affiliated to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Center for Disease Control (CDC) among others.

Vet attending to a young Camel
In most Kenyan hinterlands lies great talent and untapped innovation, young boys and girls of school-going age need mentor figures to set the best precedence for them to help fire up the potential within them. An excursion to the unopened areas in remote parts of Kenya by a group of engineering students will go a long way into imparting necessary basic skills like operating machines and taking measurements, fundamental hand skills requisite for development and nurturing talent for the realization of Kenya's Vision 2030.

Kenya has the commensurate capacity to host and train overseas students; there are well-established study centers including world-class universities. The University of Nairobi has continued to partner with international students in different inter-varsity exchange programs, graduating thousands of professionals every year.
Nairobi University Institution of Higher learning
The Lions Club International, founded in 1917 has for ages been a great mover in humanitarian aid and professionalism within and without the Kenyan frontiers, and is another umbrella affiliation to have overseas students visit Kenya. Other research and studies in Kenya include the Marich Pass field Study centre;

Marich Pass Centre

The name(Marich) is derived from the Marich Pass which is a deep, rocky cleft carved where the Moruny river emerges from the Cherangani Hills onto the dry plains of the Lake Turkana Basin. The Marich Pass Centre is in a forest clearing along the river bank two kilometres downstream from the Pass. The Centre is situated on the boundaries of distinctive ecological zones, and a wide variety of physical landscapes, vegetation, wildlife and human lifestyles is within easy reach.
Rocha Christian Conservation Centre
The Centre has been developed in sympathy with the ecotourism ethos. It is built on land leased from the Pokot County Council, using traditional materials. The Centre donates a percentage of its takings to the local development fund and has the capacity to host overseas student tourists. Others include the Rocha Conservation which lives up to the dream of a green ecosystem by conserving the environment.
Lake Victoria

Great Rift Valley
The Kenyan tableau of geographic features including land formation features have been a major point of reference world all over for geographic study; natural saline lakes, craters, the Great Rift Valley, formation of volcanoes will go a long way into these and field study for these students tourists. The next best thing to eternity is embarking on a mountain-climbing expedition to the tall standing Mt. Kenya, to take pictures, see the heath and moorland, the snow thawing in the noontide heat, as well as learn from erudite tour guides about the activities, forces and factors that led to the formation of such volcanoes and how relevant it is to the unfolding natural catastrophes like earthquakes and tectonic earth movements in South East Asia and the rest of the world.

Suguta River Springs

Inclusive Holidays Africa makes sure that the monotony of staying in school does not drag into the beckoning holiday season. With our expert trained tour guides and reliable fleet, everything is done at your request and tailored to your specifications.

Inspire your students by opening their eyes to bring the classroom theory into practice. At Inclusive Holidays Africa, we have the best affordable prices for you, including a pre~tour training, free resources like reminder posters sent to you before the tour. Our support team is always dedicated to keeping you abreast, just a dial away. Our student tour program is flexible to allow you get the maximum benefit, whether it is a custom designed or service learning tour, we shall make it happen and forever memorable. How will you inspire and motivate your students? We have the answer, partner with us today and open your students" eyes to new experiences, different cultures and a world of unending possibilities.

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