Sunday, 15 February 2015


#Kenya is rich in cultural heritage. We spare no effort to protect and preserve this treasure. Our country is well known for non tangible natural diversity, manifesting largely in our rich wildlife heritage. Indeed, #Kenya is home to world-renowned wildebeest migration in the #Maasai Mara, the majestic snow-capped #Mount Kenya, the panoramic #Rift Valley and our spectacular beaches along the coast.

#Kenya, which is considered by anthropologists to be the epicentre and cradle of human origins is therefore inevitably the aboriginal home of all mankind. Just as important as the tangible heritage, though somewhat lesser acknowledged, are the diverse yet potent culture and traditions that define #Kenya’s cultural contours. These are clearly evident in the attached 16 Day Rift Valley Circuit Tour intended to showcase and sample our reach cultural heritage.

Above all, there is a whole legion of unsung traditional practices pertaining to traditional religious observances, births, initiation, marriage, death and life thereafter. It is instructive to note that embedded in this intangible cultural heritage of our people is the expression of important social sensibilities such as respect, dignity, integrity, honour and other values that were inculcated into the body-morality of the society.   

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