Friday, 11 March 2016


Cultural Group Dance

Travel Marsabit and Lake Turkana, in Kenya with Inclusive Holidays Africa and discover an absolute adventure of a lifetime that you’ve always dreamed of, a remote and off the beaten track safari … where a colorful Marsabit or Turkana Festival, a conglomerate of 14 communities that forms the bulk of the larger Marsabit County’s populace will feature unique performances and traditions.
The Chalbi Desert
 Join us as we explore virgin northern Kenyan history and culture, where the communities around get an opportunity for the cross-cultural interaction, harmony, cohesion, integration, cooperation and trading. The underlying main goal, therefore, has been and continues to be, promotion of peace and reconciliation. 
Along the way we will visit Marasabit National Park to the rocky plains of Shaba passing extraordinary strangler figs  in the mountain-top forest, a stark contrast to the dusty track below which is lined by low, flat-topped acacias. The area is home to social weaver, which can be identified by their neater, tidier nests; sparrow weavers with their "scruffier" nests; and white – bellied turacos.
Lake Turkana
Samburu National Reserve
You will have the opportunity to trek across the Chalbi Desert, another of Kenya;s extreme! A huge salt pan east of Lake Turkana without an oasis. Amazingly, you might still come across an oryx, ostrich or even endangered Grevy zebra galloping across the great, shimmering whiteness. Enjoy sporting activities on its northern fringes, where the wind piles up sand dunes, a chain of oases nourishes vast palm grooves. The precious greenery attracts flocks of sand grouse and Gabbra pastoralists alike, who bring their camels in the hundreds to drink. Further north rise the Huri Hills which comfort the sweating traveler with moderate temperatures and distant views over a boiling country.

Are you ready for another of Kenya's extremes? Welcome to Northern Kenya – IHA style.
Scheduled Departure
24th May - 01st June 2016 - 6 Nights
Nairobi | Marsabit | Maikona | Chalbi Desert | Lake Turkana | Samburu | Depart

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Stephen Mwasio is a Tourism Consultant and CEO for Inclusive Holidays Africa – Twitter @inclusiveafrica

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